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In a word cost-efficiency. Having been in the patent law field for many years, the proprietor of ForbesPatents is aware of the high costs involved in obtaining patent protection both locally and abroad and that patenting budgets are often limited.

ForbesPatents strives to enable inventors with limited patent budgets, particularly individual inventors, inventors in research institutions or in small and medium enterprises, to file professionally drafted patent applications at substantially lower costs than those of any other patent law firm in the country.

Why use ForbesPatents ?

Importance of filing a properly drafted patent provisional patent specification.

The filing of a South African provisional patent application is the first step to towards obtaining patent protection for an invention in almost all countries.

There are organisations which advertise that they will file a provisional patent application for an inventor or institution very quickly (often within a few days) at a cost of about USD200. However, these organisations do not draft the patent specification, they simply attend to the administrative process of filing a specification which has been drafted by the inventor. These organisations therefore do not take any responsibility for the content of the patent specification which they file.

However, it is very important to note that the extent of protection for an invention is determined amongst others by the nature and extent of the disclosure of the invention in the provisional patent specification. The patent protection which is ultimately obtained is based on whether or not the invention is “fairly based” on the provisional specification. Patent attorneys spend many years training to enable them to prepare patent specifications and it is very risky to rely solely on a patent specification prepared by an inventor who may have little or no knowledge of patent law. If the description of the invention in the provisional patent specification is inadequate, the invention may be inadequately protected (or not protected at all) and if the invention was disclosed after the provisional patent application was filed (for example in a publication or by sale) it would not later be possible to rectify the situation. 

It is therefore strongly recommended that a patent application be accompanied by a professionally drafted patent specification and this can be provided by ForbesPatents at a very low cost.

Services Provided
ForbesPatents provides a low, fixed-cost, professional patenting service focused exclusively on inventions in the fields of:
  • chemistrychemical compounds, methods of their preparation and their uses
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  • applied chemistrymedicinal, therapeutic and diagnostic compounds, formulations and preparations, foodstuffs, cosmetic and toiletry formulations,
    waste treatment, ceramics, fertilizers, plastics, paints, petroleum products, explosives, dyestuffs, adhesives, lubricants, detergents, fermentation processes, sugars and the like.
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Using information provided by the inventors, ForbesPatents will discuss the invention with the inventors and then prepare and file a provisional patent application with a professionally drafted patent specification at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (formerly the South African Patent Office). This will provide the basis for patent protection in most countries of. In order to obtain patent protection in South Africa or in any other country it will then be necessary within 12 months to file a complete patent application in South Africa and/or to file a PCT, regional or national application in order to obtain patent protection in the relevant country. ForbesPatents also provides this service at a substantially lower cost than those of other firms in the country.

ForbesPatents has a fixed transparent cost structure for South Africa and does not charge for telephonic or direct consultations. If a client elects not to proceed no costs will be incurred. Costs will only be incurred once the client has decided to proceed and has provided instructions to do so. ForbesPatents does not deal with inventions falling beyond the categories listed above.

Foreign patent protection is more expensive than South African patent protection and costs differ widely depending upon the foreign country. These costs can be provided once the foreign countries have been identified.

How are the Services provided by ForbesPatents different?

While the services offered by ForbesPatents are not unique and can be provided by most patent firms,
ForbesPatents offers the same service as any of the large firms for less than half the price.